Monday, June 16, 2008

Family needs a host for one night

This morning I got this in an email. If anyone can help, please contact them directly. BTW, Pam gave her permission to post her contact information online.



Hello, my name is Pam Franklin and I'm from Modesto, CA. I got your email addresses by googling "emergent church Richmond, VA". My son, Jeshua, has had an ongoing interest in the emergent church and has been to a conference and workshop as well as avidly read both blogs and books. We are Dunkard Brethren in background, a more conservative branch of the Brethren Anabaptist groups.

The two of us and Jeshua's wife-to-be are going to be in Richmond for a Church of the Brethren Annual Conference at the Convention Center. We have been looking for some alternative housing to the hotel/motel option. We are putting out feelers looking for someone who could extend overnight hospitality to us. We often use the "Mennonite Your Way" directory for housing, but the folks listed already have guests. We would not need meals or entertaining as we will be at the conference. We are looking for accommodations for Saturday and Sunday nights, July 12 & 13. I am 55, Jeshua is 24 and Sara is 26.

If you have a way of putting our request out to others in the Richmond area, we would appreciate your help in this way.

Pam Franklin
Modesto, CA